RAMSPEED Forged Wheels are ultra-light, custom-build multi-piece wheels for sports cars, luxury sedans and prestigious SUV’s.

Every wheel is build to customer’s specifications and is exclusively a 2 or 3 pc lightweight construction wheel. That means wheel is fully customisable in terms of colour and finish. Highest quality aerospace grade 6061-T6 forged aluminium is used and assembly of each wheel is done by hand using stainless steel fastening hardware, rated to withstand over 2 tons of pressure. Our wheels are subject to numerous durability & quality control inspections. In- house CAD structural fatigue and  hi-speed stability testing, dynamic cornering and radial fatigue testing, as well as impact tests are forming parts of the rigorous procedures every wheel needs to undergo. At the end of every build our wheels are inspected by 2 different wheel engineers for cosmetic & aesthetic faults before they leave their final quality control station where they are carefully packed for delivery to customer.

All RAMSPEED Forged Wheels feature a 1 year finish and a 3 year structural warranty. We encourage our customers to use wheel care products, be cautious with aggressive detergents and take extra care when cleaning the wheels (advising the car cleaning cafes of the nature of your wheels or if washing on your own, e.g. not drop your washing equipment on the ground, pick it up dirt and use same on the wheel, where scratches are almost guaranteed, yes – seen it all before). That way you have a long lasting enjoyment of the wheels and its luxurious appearance. In case of an unfortunate and unrepairable damage, the outer rim/lip can be easily exchanged for a new one, making the repair quick and affordable.


We have a lot of questions from customers about Concavity of their wheels, how deep will it be, will it work with my brakes etc.

The concept of concavity in wheels depends on 3 factors:

  • WIDTH of the wheels (9.5” or wider)
  • SMALL OFFSET (ET +35 or less)
  • BRAKE CLEARANCE requirement (large callipers of front brake systems like AMG or Brembo need clearance so only light or mild concavity possible).

RamSpeed-Forged-Wheels-Measurement-1By using a string and digital caliper, we have an ability to custom design offset and wheel fitment by maximising the inner and outer clearances.

Note: if offset is small, e.g. < ET+30 and brake callipers are small, it is still possible to do some concave design even if the width of the wheel is e.g. only 8.5. For example: an 8.5 x 18” with offset ET+30 can be done with mild-medium concave if brake callipers allow that (e.g. for rear wheels only). We are happy to provide you with a brake measurement sheet and determine the maximum level of concavity based on the values.

Yet again, if one of the above three factors is not met, only light or mild concavity can be achieved. If you have a wide rear wheel for example, and small offset we can do deep concave or even extreme deep concave.

In general : the smaller the offset the more outward the wheel, more flush with guard.

E.g 9 x 20” ET +35, if you change to 9 x 20” +20 the wheel would move outward towards the guard by 15mm.

Vice versa, if offset is larger, the wheel would move inward.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will happily advise and recommend you the right sizes, offsets and confirm concavity level.