RAMSPEED Forged Wheels was formed to fulfil our customer’s wishes to have high quality, ultra light forged wheels, fully customisable at affordable prices. Our sole mission is to enhance any vehicle that our wheels are put on and transform it into an eye catching and dynamic street machine. With distinguishing wheel designs, trend-setting deep concave & track spec versions, we give each car a tasteful and personal finish.

All RAMSPEED Forged Wheels are custom crafted according to owner’s preferences. Our experienced team is always happy to consult the customer with the right style to match the vehicle, right colour choice to enhance the elegance of the car, its sportiness and those who chase the most concave look.

Production time of each set is approx 3 weeks which sets us way apart from any other custom wheels manufacture where waiting times of 8-10 weeks are not seldom.

RAMSPEED Forged Wheels provide a signature style finish and perfect dynamic offset to match the guards perfectly. No spacers or wheel adapters needed. In addition we are happy to consider any wishes from our customers to go towards the more aggressive look (wheels are as far as technically possible out to the guards) or the more conservative look. With any colour combination available, we guarantee your car will rule the road and underline your personality. Distinguish your ride from others with RAMSPEED Forged Wheels NOW !

NEW: Bored with your current design? No problem, just order a new set of centres in different style and different colour finish and enjoy your new, fresh set for a fraction of the cost of a new wheel set!


We invite you to discuss your individual custom wheel designs with our dedicated sales team.

Andrew Ochudzawa – RamSpeed